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Blocked drains or pipes can be a nightmare so trust AQUALINE DRAINS to solve your problem. With over 25 years in the industry our engineers have the expertise to deal with your blockage whatever the size of the problem we can fix it quickly, safely and effectively. When it comes to cleaning drains AQUALINE DRAINS has the expert knowledge and tools to solve any problem.
If you are experiencing blockages, bad smells, gurgles or just slow water draining its best to call in the experts. There is nothing we haven't dealt with before.
Blockages can be caused by all manor of things build up of fat & grease, oils, soaps, dirt, silt, foreign objects or maybe a structural defect caused by root intrusion or ground movement.
What ever the cause the consequences can sometimes be serious.


Whatever the problem we have the tools for the job. A build up of fat or grease or even hard water scale can be broken down in minutes by HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING.
Tree roots growing into your drains can be cut away by using ELECTRO-MECHANICAL equipment (cutters & blades fixed to a rotating flexible cable).
If we find trying to unblock your drain is proving difficult we will use the latest CCTV inspection equipment to try and see exactly what is going on. We can then recommend the necessary steps to fix the problem with a long term solution and prevent it happening again.
We will also liase with your INSURANCE company to explain the problem and of course the SOLUTION.